"Work smarter,

not harder"....

How I Got To Here

In late 2010 I found myself with a lot of spare time outside of work. At that time, working for an automotive OEM in China, a large part of my role involved training and mentoring the young, local engineers in both BiW engineering design and CAD design methodologies.

There was a particular pervasive attitude among them that was all but impossible to break down; the need for speed. Cultural working pressures and an ingrained acceptance of cutting corners and skipping steps made it hugely challenging to gain their acceptance of what seemed to them to be tortuously convoluted methods of 3D modelling. It's not that they couldn't understand the need or benefits of the given methodologies - they just didn't have the time.

A few years previously, I had a friend demonstrate to me some of the basic in-built automation tools Catia V5 had to offer - it had always stuck with me as it seemed so much more functional than the CAD system I was using myself at that time. So, with an abundance of spare time on my hands, I started going through the Catia help files to see what could be done speed up the design process whilst maintaining a high degree of modelling quality.

Zachary Alexander Jackson